About Us

Prophet Charles Reynolds and Prophetess Dr. Angela Reynolds are on a mission to preach, teach, deliver, and restore the body of Christ. Most importantly, they are raising up a generation that knows how to prophesy, pray, and interact on a deeper level with God. Prophet Charles has been identified as an Apostle and Prophet. He has had the opportunity to serve with some of the greatest prophets such as Prophet Uebert Angel, Spirit Embassy. As Oracles of God, Prophet Charles Reynolds and Prophetess Dr. Angela Reynolds have seen miracles, signs, and wonders, and the fulfillment of prophecies over the many lives they have encountered. Both Prophet Charles Reynolds and Prophetess Dr. Angela Reynolds are the leaders of Generation Ready Ministries “The Good News Church” Inc., which is based in New York, USA with cell groups in Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica, and Germany to name a few.

Our Mission :: Generation Ready Ministries “The Good News Church” is a Worldwide Ministry that operates within the 5-Fold Ministry agenda. This ministry exists to equip, ignite, and help people grow daily in the Word of God, using the Holy scriptures to as a tool to cope with everyday stress as it relates to suicide, unemployment, avoiding crime activities, reaching the youth and children to help build our future leaders of tomorrow, and feeding the people both spiritually and physically.

This is done by exalting our Lord Jesus Christ and activating the God of Now and Results.  We will train, educate, and equip a new generation through conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings, social networking, multimedia, and social gathering.

Our Vision :: The vision of Generation Ready Ministries, TGNC is to prepare both young and old to become a Chosen Generation pulled from the darkness into the light. By teaching the word to the believer and unbeliever, and letting people know that the only way to salvation is through our Lord Jesus Christ. Most importantly to help people understand that our God is the same and never breaks His promises. He is the God of Results (Matthew 6: 5-6). Though he must be feared, our God also has a sense of humor.